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Landmark Awards

I have had one or two questions about what will be presented to hashers when reaching certain run landmarks, i.e. 50/100 etc..
So, here it is:
On completing 50 runs itís a t-shirt (and down down of course!). All the following also come with a free down down too  ; )
100 runs will be a hoody, 150 runs is a waterproof. Once a hasher reaches 200 runs then he or she will be presented with a tankard with hash handle and Ď200 runsí engraved on.  After this, the tankard will be engraved every 100 runs.
As for the really dedicated, like a small few, when you reach 500 runs there will be a special t-shirt awarded too.
If you have an under eighteen hasher, as they tend to grow and will probably prefer another t shirt or hoody, then itís just a case of letting Bummer, me or Squelchy know and then it can be ordered.  
T-shirts, shorts, caps, beanies, fleeces and lots more are available to buy from our Haberdasher himself, Squelchy.
Hope this helps!
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Hares are also awarded with a special 'Haring' T shirt after laying 25 hashes